DataShield™ provides total visibility into the actual data vendors are accessing and allows you to monitor their activity.

Control and Compliance

DataShield™ provides you with the ability to stay compliant with data privacy regulations and establish a clear policy of handling sensitive data.


DataShield™ is the easiest and simplest way to manage all of your vendor relationships and their data needs in one application.

Harness the POWER of DataShield™!

  •   Secure Your Data
  •   Easy To Use Dashboards
  •   Added Compliance
  •   No Data Warehousing
  •   Manage Your Integrations
  •   And Much More!

The DataShield™ Advantage

In most dealerships today, they would struggle to give an exact count of how many 3rd party vendors have access to sensitive dealership data. Many times, integration feeds are left on even after a service is thought to no longer be in use. Additionally, most DMS companies don't make it easy to view this data, leaving it difficult to truly be in control. With DataShield you can be notified immediately of any issues before they turn into a 911 situation that could potentially cost your dealership money. Additionally, DataShield™ helps alleviate the challenge in complying with GLB SafeGuards and Privacy Rule. Whether you are setting up a new 3rd party software, changing existing integration, removing a data feed or running reports, you will not find an easier to use software!

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