Superior is the leading provider of real time DMS integration

Vendor Services


Servicing over 14 DMS systems we are the leader in real time data integration services. We customize our integration to suit your company or product needs.

Dealer Services

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Patent Pending F&I Technology designed for the next generation of customers by using a revolutionary approach to selling of F&I products.



Our experience spans over 50 years and most of our team members come directly from the automotive retail world. We put this experience to work for you!

Peace of Mind

Superior currently represents 50% of the top 20 dealer groups in the nation, with an overall client turnover of less than 2%.


We offer bi-directional integration for over 11,800 customers across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for virtually any DMS provider.


With over $1M invested in our infrastructure, you can expect a 100% uptime guarantee from our Tier III fully hosted facility.


Our Team

Superior Integrated Solutions(SIS) is the leading automotive integration company. Almost all of our team members come from one or more areas of automotive retail, each with a highly specialized skill set. SIS believes in an all encompassing support staff. This means that when a problem arises, any team member who answers a client's support inquiry by phone or email is fully qualified to understand, diagnose, and rectify any issue or concern, so clients are not transferred from department to department. Superior leverages our industry knowledge to create some of the industry’s most cutting edge applications for both the front and back end of the dealership.


We have been providing F&I form services to automotive dealers for decades. This experience has provided us a unique skillset that only a few companies obtain. Superior Integrated Solutions owns and maintains a library of over 25,000 forms. We offer competitive prices on a per form basis ($99 or less) or a convenient unlimited forms maintenance program that allows for further savings annually.

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